Available Dogs

All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and currently living in a foster home. To apply for someone you see here, fill out our adoption survey. Questions? Email: OTATpdx@gmail.com

Adoption Procedure & Application

Adoption Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must have a valid photo ID.
  • Must have landlord approval.
  • Must have proof of vaccines for any other animals living at residence.

Adoption Process

  1. Fill out our Adoption Survey.
  2. An Adoption Counselor (AC) will screen and review your application as soon as possible. The AC will then contact you and answer any questions you may have and hopefully set up an introduction to meet the dog.
  3. If all goes well at the introduction, the AC will arrange a time to finalize the adoption. The week immediately following adoption is considered a grace period for serious and committed adopters to work on making the dog’s transition to a permanent member of your family successful. During the grace period we may provide all necessary supplies. If the dog is returned within the grace period, the adoption fee may be reimbursed. An extended grace period may be available with prior approval for dogs experiencing medical or behavioral issues.
  4. Adoptions shall take place immediately if the prospective dog gets along well with all members of the family.
  5. Our adoption fees are $300 for puppies 6 months and younger, $250 for adult dogs, and $150 for seniors over the age of 7 years. All fees cover wellness exam, spay/neuter, all age-appropriate vaccinations, and microchip.
  6. At the finalization you will receive your new companion’s medical records, a copy of our adoption contract, and information about our community partners and continuing discounts. It is also at the finalization that the dog’s adoption fee must be paid and all supplies returned to the rescue.
  7. After your dog is finalized, you will receive benefits and support for the lifetime of the dog!

Adoption Fees

Adding a new fur-ever companion to your life and ready to make it official? Click the link below here to pay for their adoption fee.

$300 puppies 6 months and younger
$250 adult dogs
$150 seniors 7 years and older

* $100 deposit at our discretion, determined on a case-by-case basis, for dogs needing additional training that we will reimburse upon proof of completed positive-reinforcement based classes or sessions.