Adopter Benefits

One Tail at a Time is committed to supporting our adopted dogs throughout their entire life. Trained Adoption Counselors are available to answer any questions, both before and after adoption.

Our adoption fee of $300 for puppies 6 months and younger, $250 for adult dogs under age 7, and $150 for seniors age 7+ includes:

  • Spay/neuter
  • Microchip
  • Proof of all vaccinations and negative heartworm test
  • Any current medications, or continuing care for certain pre-existing illnesses
  • Martingale (no-slip) collar
  • Close support during the foster-to-adopt transition period including training and medical care if needed
  • Training, medical, and educational support throughout the life of your dog

Below are additional benefits we have created with local businesses in an effort to keep families happy and healthy for the entire life of your adopted dog.

Adopter Support

It is our goal to support each of our adopters so that they can keep their adoptive home happy and healthy. To do this, we have developed a veterinary care grant (Dutch’s Fund) and a training grant (Stella’s Fund) to help with unexpected but necessary costs. All donations made to our Adopter Support program will be used to keep dogs in their adoptive homes!

One Tail at a Time Programs

Dutch’s Fund was created as a way for One Tail to care for dogs suffering from medical problems, or needing on-going treatment to remain healthy and happy. Fund’s from Dutch’s Fund also help dogs that have already been adopted. The Dutch’s Fund Grant allows One Tail adopters to apply for up to $500 in assistance in paying for unexpectedly large veterinary bills. Email for more information and to receive a grant application.

Stella’s Fund was created to assist adopters in need of financial assistance to pay for training. If a dog presents with a troubling behavior after the adoption and you need help getting training, please contact us. We will guide you to a trainer suited to your needs, and help you with training costs. Email for more information and to receive a grant application.

Adjusting & Training

Our Dog Resource Guide offers simple solutions to problems you may face such as unwanted barking, mouthiness, housebreaking and more. You will also find information about supplies and ideas on how to adjust to life with your new dog.

We also work with a local positive reinforcement trainer who we love. Connect with Mind Body Dog, here.

Health & Nutrition

Health and nutrition are a huge part to a dogs well-being and success. Here are a few local pets stores (who we LOVE) that will help you discover the perfect balance.

Healthy Pets Northwest
NoPo Paws
Mud Bay

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All dogs at OTATPDX are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and currently living in a foster home. What are you waiting for?

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