Bunsen - Adoption Pending

1 year, 2o lbs.
Spaniel mix
Bun-dle of joy

Bunsen (BunBun to her friends) is a bundle of joy and energy! A sweet girl who is always looking for attention from her people and is learning to ask for it gently, Bunsen loves cuddling and prefers to be on a lap if she can. Bunsen and the other Science Kids had a rough start to life, coming from a hoarding situation where they did not receive proper socialization with humans or the world, so when things get hectic she finds comfort in being with her dog foster siblings. Playful and curious, Bunsen loves running around in the yard, chasing a friend (real and imaginary alike). Bunsen is learning self-control by sitting and waiting, as well as learning to relax in her crate. Because she is food-motivated and smart, she’s excited for training and will do great with more. Almost completely house trained, Bun’s ideal forever home will have an even-tempered dog sibling to keep teaching her what it is to be a family dog, and will do best in a family with children ages 10 and older.