2 years old, 75ish lbs
Golden Retriever/Shepherd Mix
The Ultimate Buddy
Sneak is a smart, charming goofball FULL of personality with a big ol’ heart. He loves to play, though he’s learned he loves a good cuddle with his people, too. He gets along great with other dogs and quickly became BFFs with his foster sister. He would do well with a playful, confident and patient resident dog in the home, as he seems to learn quite a bit from them, but is too much for cats. Most importantly, Sneak needs a best buddy — whether canine or human — that he can be partner in crime with in life, play and go on adventures with, and spend most of his time next to. He is truly more of a companion than a dog who’s content to just stay at home in the background all day and night.
Sneak is fully house trained, loves his crate, is improving on lead (though working on reactivity), is learning basic commands, does great in the car, LOVES toys, and has shown great progress in overall manners and learning how to “dog” properly. He can still be a bit of a big puppy though (gets mouthy and jumpy when excited), so sturdy kids over 12 in the home is recommended. Sneak needs an adopter who is committed to his continued training, daily exercise, and all the patience that goes along with adding a new family member and best friend who will want to be by your side.