Low-cost Spay and Neuter Clinics

All OTAT PDX dogs are spayed and neutered. For your other pets, visit one of these clinics to schedule a low-cost spay/neuter surgery.

Unable to pay for your dog’s spay/neuter surgery?
Email us at otatpdx@gmail.com

Here are some other local resources:
Paw Team
Oregon Humane Society
Born Again – Low cost spay and neutering for pitbulls

Our Veterinary Partners

Wildwood Veterinary Clinic

Companion Pet Clinic


Ask a Trainer

We work with two trainers, Mia Bonadonna, CCS, CPDT-KA of Mega Hearts Dog & Cat Training, and RD Drake of In Home Dog Training. Both offer discounts to OTAT PDX dogs.

Contact Mia here.
Contact RD here.

Ask a Trainer

RD offers 15% off her normal rates for all OTAT PDX dogs!