Dedicated Funds

To make a donation to support a specific area of programming, donate below:

Sheila’s Cookie Jar

Donate to promote the well being, safety and care of older dogs

Sheila’s Cookie Jar is a fund for senior dog care. In honor of Sheila, who came to OTAT PDX at 9 years old after her original guardian passed away, this fund helps us commit to more senior dogs with health issues and make adoptions more equitable. Give a senior dog the retirement they deserve by putting some bread in Sheila’s Cookie Jar.

Theo’s Fund

Donate to keep medically fragile dogs in their forever homes

Theo came down with parvovirus soon after he was adopted, needing emergency vet care. As an adult dog who was fully vaccinated, this was unusual and required unexpected expenses of his new adopter. We stepped in to help and established Theo’s Fund, a veterinary care grant available to OTAT PDX adopters in order to help with surprise but necessary costs, allowing dogs to stay in their forever homes.

Robbie’s Fund

Donate to so we can say YES to dogs that are medically fragile

Robbie arrived to us in January 2019 from Kauai Humane Society and quickly began showing signs of leptospirosis. For five long days we poured into Robbie whatever she needed, never having to say no because of money all thanks to our generous donors. To ensure that’s always the case, we established Robbie’s Fund for dogs who need emergency medical treatment so that we can give them the fighting chance they deserve. We like to think it’s what Robbie would have wanted.

Ollie’s Fund

Donate so behaviorally-complex dogs can reach their full potential
All dogs are good dogs, but some are behaviorally complex and need additional training support to reach their full potential. Donate to Ollie’s Fund and provide a good dog with the chance to be their best self. We only employ and condone humane, science-based training methods by CPDT-KA certified trainers.

One Tail at a Time PDX is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


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