Female Puerto Rico blend
12 years old, 25lbs.
Muchas smooches

Always up for a cuddle, Tommi is one of the most affectionate dogs you’ll ever meet. She’s around 12 years old and hard of hearing, but you’ll rarely need her to hear anything other than “I need a break from all the kisses!” She only has one ear, and some scarring on her back alludes to a tough life, but this girl is ready to live it up while lounging around. She spends most of the day napping, and doesn’t mind being alone or crated during your work day, provided her life partner Tempo is nearby. She has trouble getting up into bed or onto a couch because the muscles in her back legs are atrophied and she likely has some arthritis, but if you give her a hand up she’ll be happy to wait to get down until you’re ready to leave. She’s not a very self-motivated eater, so having some patience to remind her to keep eating and willingness to feed her wet food will go a long way in keeping her well-nourished and happy. While she doesn’t mind other dogs, she’ll probably do best in a house with no otherĀ dogs but Tempo.*

*As part of a bonded pair, she’s gotta stick with Tempo. They mustĀ be walked, fed, crated, and lodged together for their happiness and peace of mind.