Male German Shepherd/ Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless) mix
4 years old
Big but more scared of you

Aardvark is a sweet boy, most of the time. Sometimes, though, he’s fearful and has developed fear aggression and/or fear-based territorial aggression as a result. As a dog who’s been dealt a lousy hand in life, combined with his ongoing skin-related medical issues that result in his extreme discomfort (despite our best efforts and continued work with vets to remedy it all) we are working with a trainer and vet to address Ardie’s behavioral issues in addition to his medical needs.

You see, Ardie needs space sometimes. He doesn’t like surprises (and who does, really?) and prefers only to be touched in certain places; we think others hurt too much. Ardie does not do well with kids, as their quick and unpredictable movements cause him anxiety, but he LOVES other dogs and has done well with all sorts. Gentle even with small dogs and does well even on leash, Ardie is also non-destructive in the home and totally house trained, but protective once he’s familiar so greeting guests is not something he should do. Car rides are stressful but he tolerates them (and eventually calms down) and he feels the same way about his crate.

Ardie will need an adult-only home willing and able to continue working on his training and proper socialization. A quiet life will likely always be best, though; and one with other dogs is likely preferred. Ardie will also need an adopter committed to his medical needs. Coming to us with demodex mange, a non-contagious mite that affects dogs with lowered immune systems, Ardie suffers from allergies and yeast infections. He’s well on his way to looking (and feeling) better but will need a high-quality diet and upkeep of flea/tick medication for his whole life, as well as possible monthly injections. This boy is sweet as can be — most of the time — and unique looking as ever, and deserves nothing but the best from here on out.