Senior, 25lbs
Basset hound mix (but we’re skeptical)
Sweet survivor

Amigo was one of the dogs we met while in Puerto Rico during our shelter rebuild relief trip. Initially discovered by a FEMA aid worker, who found him tied up on the balcony of a house that was destroyed by Hurricane Maria, he is thought to have been abandoned there for several weeks before being discovered and brought to the shelter.

Despite all the sadness he’s lived through, Amigo is proving to be sweet and gentle with humans, dogs, and cats alike. Being a senior gentleman, he loves to cuddle up in a warm cozy spot for long naps, and when he wants some pets he gives a gentle nudge with his nose until you fulfill his request. He is not the biggest fan of his crate (he much prefers the comfort of a dog bed) but is learning to be more comfortable while crated. At 99% housetrained, he’s catching on quickly to alerting his people when he needs to go out.

Amigo has health conditions that are a byproduct of his traumatic experiences and will require daily medications and treatments, so we are looking for adopters that are fully committed to providing that ongoing medical care. And whoever it is will be super lucky to give this pup a quiet, comfy place to spend his golden years in peace, feeling loved, and getting a second chance at happiness because he has a lot of love and sweetness left to give, too.