Arnold Palmer

Age: 17 weeks

Weight: 28 lbs

Sex: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: GP x ACD Mix

Dogs: In foster with another dog and loves them! Has been friendly and interested in every dog he’s met.

Kids: In foster with a young toddler, and they are besties. He is a larger, happy puppy, so the kiddos should be able to handle that kind of energy.

Cats: Unknown

In a Nutshell: Arnold Palmer is a lanky, goofy, (not so) little love bug. Just like the drink, Arnold Palmer is a delightful mix of zesty puppy playfulness and sweet snoozy snuggles. He loves all humans, big, small, full grown, or tiny toddler. He will happily sit and soak up as many pets as he can get, while gazing deeply into your soul with the saddest puppy dog eyes you’ve ever seen. Arnold Palmer is equally excited to meet other doggos. He is currently fostered with an older dog, who he has slowly, but surely won over with his efforts. They now play tug, run circles around the yard, and often curl up together for naps. He is super chill in the car, sleeps through the night in his crate, is very food motivated, and is doing great with potty training. He’s a quick learner and does well channeling his puppy energy into appropriate activities as provided. Arnold Palmer will make some lucky family very happy! As a puppy under one year of age, he will be available for adoption beginning with the Worth the Wait List prior to general adoption applications.