Female Poodle mix
4ish years old
Looks more like a sheep

Babe came to us in rough shape. She was so severely matted that she couldn’t walk, and so terrified that she wouldn’t pee for over 24 hours. And though she’s now doing much better since we were able to shave her down, clean her up, and realized that she’s more confident around another dog, she’s still going to need a patient, calm home where she can recover from the trauma she’s clearly suffered.

Babe is sweet with people but as of right now, not super interactive — meaning she doesn’t seek out attention but was nothing short of an angel when the vet had to give her a painful haircut. She’s learning to not be scared of walking on leash, is good being crated and left alone (and really, loves anywhere she can hide) and will do best in a home with at least one other dog she can learn from, but no cats or small children.

We can’t wait to see this girl flourish into the companion pet she’s meant to be, just hasn’t had the chance yet.