Benedict for long
Male Bichon/American Eskimo mix
<1 year old, 20ish lbs.

Benny, Ben, Benedict… doesn’t matter, he answers to it all. Benny celebrated his 1st birthday on September 4th and is still very much a young guy, requiring playtime and stimulation to get all his energy out and frequent naps to recharge. Ben loves walks and making new friends, especially other dogs, but is working through some resource guarding that has us recommending he go to an experienced, confident home who will be dedicated to his training protocol.

Benny is treat-motivated and loves learning new skills when his favorite treats are involved. He adores attention and will often bark to get it. While he’s working hard on his crate training, Ben much prefers to walk around the home as he pleases and due to all his vocalized opinions, a home without shared walls is best.

Needing a loving, adult-only home with guardians who are dedicated to his continued training and socialization, being patient as he learns what being a good boy is all about, Benny would also love a home with a confident, playful, slightly older dog his size or a little larger as he really likes to show off his wrestling moves. Though he may take time warming up to your family, the wait is absolutely worth it for this adorable little wookiee.