15 weeks old, 28 lbs

Male Heeler Mix

The Sweetness You Need.


Bobbyberry will be available for adoption beginning with the Worth the Wait List. Sweet and a bit slow to warm, however once Bobbyberry is comfortable his puppy energy comes through full force. He’s happy to hang out with his laid-back foster brother and chew on a nylabone, but will also be up in a flash to chase a ball, a squeaky toy, or — if they oblige him — the cats (though he is also quite polite when they hiss at him to tell him to back off.) His favorite things consist of belly rubs and ear scritches; he would likely do well in a home with affectionate guardians who will go slow initially as he’s still a bit skittish at loud noises and fast movements. Eager to please, Bobbyberry is attentive to the people in the home and quickly takes to training. He currently sleeps quietly through the night in his crate and picked up house training after his first day.