6 months old, 43 lbs

Female Shepherd Mix

Good Gracious, This Dog is Bodacious.


Bodacious will be available for adoption after 9/9/21 starting with the Worth the Wait List prior to general applications. Recently landing in PDX from
West Texas, Bodacious is an absolute sweetheart. A curious, playful, eager-to-learn puppy, she is happy to snuggle and does well with the large resident dog in her foster home. At a young 6 months she is learning the ins and outs of crate and housetraining and already doing well with both. While Bodacious can be a little shy initially, she’s excited to take in new things and seems eager to bond with people. She is active but also enjoys curling up at your feet or even in your lap. So far she appears well-socialized and is reported as doing well with cats, dogs, farm animals, and of course people. Good gracious, Bodacious.