1 year old, 67 lbs

Male Cathoula Mix

In Charge.


Charles will be available for adoption after 4/1/21. This Texas boy may be new to town, but he hasn’t missed a beat at making new friends wherever he goes. So far he has proven to be both gentle and friendly to humans and dogs of all sizes. In Texas he was best friends with his feline foster sibling; his current kitty roommates are less sure about dogs, so he respectfully gives them space. Charles’ favorite activities include yard zoomies, getting pets from strangers who tell him he’s a handsome boy, giving you side eye for not sharing your snacks, and peacefully snoring throughout movie night. He is currently hard at work on his crate and house-training. Once he aces walks on lead, we think this energetic guy would make a great running or hiking companion — so long as you save him a seat on the couch to cuddle afterward.