Clark Griswold/Chevy Chase

Clark Griswold/Chevy Chase
3 years, 86 pounds
Pit mix
Mele Kalikimaka

The kind of pup that will make you want to forget all about building that pool for Christmas, or even signing up for the Jelly of the Month Club, when instead you could bring home this Christmas ham of a dog! Chevy will reward his adopter with endless cuddles, gentle kisses, and happy piggie chortles for days. A lover of other dogs — so much that he was the dog tester in his past life at the shelter (and staff favorite) — he’s living with a cat and a dog in his foster home and doing great with both so far.

Chevy will thrive in a home environment with equal parts affection, positive reinforcement, mental stimulation, play time, and a nice cozy spot for his naps. If you’re looking for a best buddy who will be gentle, loyal, hilarious, and pretty dang cute, then this is your guy!