2 years old, 55 lbs.
Deaf but that doesn’t stop him

This sweet boy has special needs and therefore needs a special home. Chewy was adopted out by us as a tiny baby from our Irish Rover litter to a busy family with other dogs, cats, and kids. Unfortunately, that life proved too much for Chewy, who deals with some anxiety and fear due to the experiences he’s had in his short life. That fear can cause Chewy to be reactive to dogs he doesn’t know. He also needs a bit of space to say hello to new humans, but warms up quickly when he leads the interaction.

Because Chewy cannot hear, his need to sniff his environment out is essential. That first step gives him more trust and lets him relax into a new situation. Since coming back into our care, Chewy is making great strides in his calm, quiet, single-human foster home that is seeing awesome success by keeping Chewy on a predictable schedule, offering him plenty of outlets for his intelligence and energy (he’s a wizard at treat puzzles and loves toys) and teaching him ASL. He walks like a champ on a leash, loves peanut butter more than all the things, enjoys crate time if you’re not home and wants to be your loyal side-kick.

Chewy is a young, goofy and fun pup who loves cuddles, belly rubs, kisses and his human.  Already house trained, crate trained, and doing well with medication to help address his anxiety, Chewy just needs a patient and understanding home with no other pets or kids who will be dedicated to his needs. As a sensitive guy who is a bit scared of the at-times unpredictable world, Chewy deserves unconditional love and understanding and we’re committed to making that happen for him. Watching this guy blossom into the pup he never got to be is a pretty big reward for us. We think you’ll feel that way, too.

*Chewy will also come with the full support of our trainer that he’s been working with to ensure his success with his adoptive family.