9 months old
Retriever mix
Easy like Sunday morning

Cricket first came to us from Texas back in late March when he was just 4 months old. He had Rickets from not receiving adequate care up until then, which both the vet in Texas and our vet here believed he would grow out of with a healthier diet — and he did! Cricket blossomed in his foster home, where he lived with another dog and a cat, and proved to be a very well-behaved and mellow puppy who loved lounging in his bed with soft toys.

Cricket was adopted in May and after his adoption, had a host of health issues come up including bad allergies and yeast infections that led to deafness. He also experiences tremors. Through no fault of his own, due to life circumstances, Cricket’s new family had to give him back to us. So he is once again looking for a forever home that can meet his needs.

Cricket met with our trainer upon his return to evaluate his needs and she describes him as a sweet, gentle, confident, independent dog who will need deaf-dog specific training. He has confinement phobia and should never be crated, but is nondestructive in the home when left unattended and is totally house trained. Cricket has an affinity for soft, plush toys that he should have access to (and be allowed to destroy!) which will keep him happy and busy. Even with his special needs, Cricket is an exceptional boy and will make an awesome companion to someone lucky.