Age: 1-2 years

Weight: 10 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Poodle

Dogs: Has lived with other dogs in the past

Kids: Unknown

Cats: Has lived with a cat in the past

Cypress was brought into El Paso Animal Services as a stray and, we’d come to find out, pregnant. Giving birth on 7/12/22 to 4 healthy puppies thanks to an emergency c-section, Cy proved to be the very best and most attentive mama — even when she was absolutely exhausted by her babies.

Raising them up right for two solid months, mama Cy never missed a feeding or opportunity to teach her kids all about their arch nemeses: squirrels. A big dog in a small dog’s body, Cypress does well with other dogs and at least one cat, but does chase small animals and would absolutely adore a big, fenced in yard where she can do so to her heart’s content. Not one to hold back her opinions, Cypress is equal parts sweet and sassy; loving to play hard and cuddle hard but most importantly go wherever the people are.

Since she had to mom upon first coming to us, Cypress is only now beginning to get to be a dog herself and showing us that she LOVES toys (the squeakier the better) and will keep herself occupied but prefers you play with her. Keep away, chase, hide n’ seek, and fetch are among her favorite games, and when she’s done she prefers a cozy dog bed, couch, or foot to lay at. Cypress adores being outside and doing whatever her humans are doing, especially if it involves food, but is wary of small children and their fast movements.

Good in the car, knows to potty outside when kept on a schedule, and nondestructive in the home when left alone though she is vocal about it at first, Cypress is working through noise sensitivity and leash reactivity. She will do best in a quieter home willing to respect her autonomy and that she doesn’t love being held, asking that she give consent to be picked up. In return she will keep you laughing, give the gentlest kisses, and you’ll swear she understands exactly what you’re saying.