Daphne - Endless Summer Hospice Program


3 years, 95lbs. (and should gain weight)

Female Great Dane

The sweetest bull in a china shop


A lover of people and sweet as can be, Daphne will thrive in a home with a yard and sturdy humans since she simply isn’t aware of the space she takes up. Making great progress in her potty and crate training, Daphne is good in the car and loves playing with toys. Catching on well to having good house manners, Daphne loves to roll around on carpet and catch a glimpse of her reflection to admire how striking she is, making an adorably (albeit large) companion for anyone with the time and patience to continue positive reinforcement training so she can be her best mini horse. She is extremely enthusiastic and because of her size would do better in a home without young children. Daphne needs to be the only companion animal in her forever home, and comes with continued training support to help with her transition.