Female pit mix
2 years, 50lbs.
Sensitive soul

Surrendered after animal control responded to a neglect call on her family, Dottie came to us without having ever received proper care. Underweight with severe skin issues, little to no socialization or taining and anxious behavior habits, we’re amazed and grateful at how far she’s come due to her loving foster family and the support of a positive reinforcement behavioralist who believes (after 4 months of rehabilitation) Dottie is now ready for her forever home!

Proven to be a real sweetheart even though the world outside the small backyard where she spent her life until now can still be scary and overstimulating at times, Dottie loves her people and is all about belly rubs (though please don’t go near her hind quarters, that’s a sensitive area where she may have been hit before). With basic training down pat (crate trained, housebroken and when properly introduced, gets along well with other dogs) her foster family is working with a trainer on walking calmly on leash, calm greetings and general impulse control. Dottie’s continued training will be vital to developing the confidence she needs. Luckily food is her #1 so she’s very willing to work on whatever her people ask of her.

Dottie is a good girl willing to work for food and love who is looking for a calm, confident, experienced adopter willing to be patient and understanding with her journey. A home without young children or cats is recommended, and Dottie seems to love men in particular so a firm but gentle dad who loves to hike is her ideal companion.