Dr. Quinn - Available Soon

Dr. Quinn

8ish weeks old, 10 lbs

Female Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Medicine Whoa-man.


Dr. Quinn’s medicine is toys, play time, and all the kibble you got. As soft as she is pretty, this lively girl is the ring leader of the party and prefers to be in the company of others. She is curious and adventurous, loves to be held and play with her brother, adult foster brother, and new human friends. She loves wrestling, and hopping around in long grass, and exploring. She is improving with house-training and has already learned making requests at the door. Dr. Quinn is a sweet girl looking for a home that can support her special needs as a deaf dog by providing a positive learning environment for her to flourish. What she’s missing in hearing she makes up for in extra puppy breath kisses and post playtime couch cuddles.