EZ Buzzit

6 months old, 27 lbs

Male Shar Pei Mix



EZ Buzzit will be available for adoption after 9/9/21 starting with the Worth the Wait List prior to general applications. This mellow, snuggly, and gentle little guy just arrived to Portland from Alpine, TX and is already settling in. He’s coexisting well with his canine foster siblings, mostly leaving them be while pursuing attention from the humans in the house. He has excellent manners so far and will be a great pup for any family looking for a more low-key buddy with an affinity towards squeaky toys. Even though EZ’s only 6 months old he’s already doing well with housetraining and hasn’t had any accidents yet. He’s not yet a fan of his crate, and being left alone is a little stressful for him (because puppy), so he’s currently working on learning how cool having your own safe space can be. Easy does it, EZ Buzzit.