1 year old, 41 lbs

Female Pit Mix

Can Become Whatever.


Floam is a shy, sweet pup that loves a good snuggle on the couch. She is slowly opening up and getting comfortable exploring, and shows more confidence each day. Within just a week she overcame her fear of the neighbor dogs and now is eager to wrestle and play in the backyard. Floam is still a little unsure about the busy neighborhood and for now prefers to walk close to home. She would probably do well living with a confident dog who could teach her the ropes, or just a patient family using positive reinforcement to encourage her to continue to come out of her shell. While mostly house trained, she is still in a puppy mindset and will thrive with some reminders about appropriate indoor living. She is working on crate training and taking longer walks, but this little sweetheart mostly just wants to love and be loved.