Male Terrier/Poodle mix

8-9ish years, 45lbs.

More donkey than dog


*Ford has a waived adoption fee* 

This shy guy warms up quickly with the help of a dog buddy around and will do best in a forever home who has a least one friendly, confident pup to show him the ropes. Still, once he gets comfortable, Ford would rather be at a human’s side and makes a great helper or nearly anything. Ford is well behaved in the home, hasn’t had any accidents, is non-destructive and chill when left alone (though will alert boof, so not best for shared walls) and enjoys taking it easy and playing with toys. A sweet old man who startles easily and is still learning that scary noises (like kitchen fans) aren’t actually going to hurt him, Ford will do best in an adult-only home that has the patience to let him come around and gain confidence. When he plops that big donkey head in your lap for the first time, it’s worth it.