Age: 1 year

Weight: 15 lbs

Gender: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Poodle Mix

Kids: Living in foster with older kids and very sweet with them. Respectful smaller children likely fine.

Cats: Has lived with cats in the past.

Dogs: Living in foster with dogs; has lived with dogs in the past. Will need a resident dog in his adoptive home.

In a Nutshell: Foursquare is a sweet, shy little guy who loves couch cuddles when inside and zooming around the yard with a dog friend or two when outside. He has very nice house manners, appearing house-trained and picking up routines quickly. He does very well in his crate but enjoys being close to his humans. Having other canine buddies around has been crucial for him settling in, being comfortable, and gaining confidence in his foster home so he’s hoping for the same in his adoptive home.