Male Bulldog mix
2 years, 50lbs.
Loves cats!

Meet Hoss. He is just about as adorable as they come. Hoss ADORES humans — people are his world and he’s happy to be around them. In fact, Hoss loves humans so much that he doesn’t always love being left alone, and will need adopters who are committed to working on his separation anxiety. And while Hoss is currently living with another dog and a cat in his foster home, he’s far from a dog’s dog — he prefers the company of people or will seek out his kitty friend for cuddles. Still, he’s not dog-adverse, just appreciates his space and will let another dog know his boundaries.

Hoss is potty trained, isn’t jumpy, mouthy, and even respects a plate of food on your lap. He loves carrying around his stuffed elephant and treats it like his baby. He will playfully play tug or keep away with his stuffed toys, but only if you initiate the game. He is getting to know “drop it” and can handle a 2 mile jog or staying in all day.