Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae
2 years, 50lbs. female
Made of velvet

Maggie is a sweet, silly, playful, cuddly girl; an amazing companion, snuggler, and friend who is house-trained, loves her kennel, excellent on the leash, an amazing frisbee catcher, great running buddy, knows all her basic commands, and will do or learn anything to please the people she loves.

Adopted out as a baby to a family who loves her very much, they’ve tried hard to make their home work for Mags but she needs a new home where she can be the only spoiled pup. Despite being raised with two other dogs, Maggie does not get along with them (or any other dogs) and becomes anxious and fearful when she is with them. That anxiety and fear turns to aggression, and though she is on medication to help with her anxiety (and the family tried several trainers and behavioralists before reaching this decision) Maggie still gets overwhelmed when other dogs are around and will start fights as a result. So the multi-dog household Maggie grew up in is no longer a sustainable fit for her (or her canine siblings).

Maggie’s family knows that she will be an *amazing* dog in an only-dog home. She is calm and relaxed when there are no other dogs to worry about. She loves to watch Netflix, go for runs, watch you cook dinner, and nap on your bed. She is also muzzle-trained so she is good on walks or runs where you might encounter other dogs.

Maggie will go to her new home with her kennel and all her snuggly bedding, her leash and collar, a few special favorite toys, her anxiety medication, and her muzzle. The previous family is also available to answer any questions about Maggie that her new adopters might have. This has been an incredibly painful decision for them, particularly because Maggie is, as they describe, the “best dog they’ve ever had” — but for her own stress, safety and well being, as well as that of the other dogs who live in her home, we are committed to helping Maggie find humans who don’t mind spoiling an only pup, especially when that pup is already fantastic.