Mama Mia & the Dancing Queens

Mama Mia and the Dancing Queens
6 months, 50lbs.; 9 puppies born 6/19/16
Female Shepherd/Boxer mix

This stunning and sweet girl was found in a junkyard pregnant with scars all over her body. At just 6 months old, she’s still a puppy herself and had been tasked with the responsibility of raising 9 healthy pups all alone. Which is why we stepped in to help.

Mia is shy and timid in new situations but once she has a chance, she warms up nicely and is incredibly well-behaved, quiet, and loving. She seems to enjoy the company of another dog (or at least did while pregnant) and is now being a good mama to her babes.

Mia will be looking for a forever family of her own where she’ll never have to raise kids again and gets to finally experience what it’s like to be somebody’s baby as soon as her pups are old enough to be without her in nearly to mid August.

The Dancing Queens will be ready for their forever homes around the same time.