8 months old, 45 lbs.
Puerto Rican brindle puppy
One smart cookie

Mauro is a sweet and social 8-month-old brindle puppy who’s full of energy and eager to learn everything you want to teach him. His recent past was a hard one, but he made it through and now is ready to find a loving home up north. Mauro was the first pup abandoned after Hurricane Maria. He was tied to what was left of a Puerto Rico animal shelter’s gates with a $20 tucked into his collar. All he had to eat was rocks and stones, so he had severe gastritis. Mauro’s recovery was slow, but he’s better now and has plenty of puppy energy.

Mauro loves being a part of a pack and gets along very well with other dogs and the house cat. He plays well with any dog big and small, being gentle when needed and rambunctious when it’s allowed. Mauro has discovered the joy of toys and will do whatever it takes to get those squeakers out. He does great with tough chew toys.

A cuddler through and through, he would love to sit on your lap and fall fast asleep. He has warmed up to his crate at night as long as it is cushy and if he can be in the same room as you, but he would prefer to sleep in your bed too!  He is good in his crate during the day as long as he knows you are not in the house. A little music seems to relax him. He’s doing very well learning his potty training, and loves hikes, walks in the park, and training — with plenty of treats, of course!
Mauro would do best in a home with another dog, and with adopters who have dog experience. If you are looking for a lifelong active friend and snuggle buddy, this is your man!