Male Mini Aussie
1.5 year old

We took Murph and his stunning eyes in almost a year ago after being found mysteriously tied up in a Good Samaritan’s backyard. He had no tags, no chip, and no one looking for him, so we were asked if he could become an OTAT dog. Doing so ensured that he received any and all medical care needed, included but not limited to getting him neutered, vaccinated, and chipped.

Good friends of those who found Murph decided to adopt and took him through puppy training classes. They tried working with him through his issues but have now made the tough decision that Murphy needs a much different kind of home than the one they can provide. So he’s an OTAT dog once again.

This time we’ll be looking for a forever home in a less urban environment. A family that lives in a more rural or suburban part of town where Murphy can be the only pampered pet and won’t be exposed to his trigger (other dogs) so that he can be his best self. Ideally, a home that has a job for him to do and no small children. He’s also afraid of bicycles and loud noises.

But this little guy has some serious redeeming qualities, too. Murphy’s current home lists his strengths as:

-being around people
-running in open fields
-treat puzzles
-protecting his loved ones
-playing hide and seek
-playing tug of war

Murphy is healthy and loving, just needs a different kind of home to be the dog we all know he can be.