Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell
5 months old
Female Border Collie/Pit mix
Awesome puppy

Naomi is incredibly smart and has already learned sit, lay down, and is working on going to “bed.” Can be a cuddle bug when worn out but has tons of puppy energy, which earned her the nickname Noodle because she’s always wiggling around. She loves people but is nervous of new dogs, though she warms up to them eventually and is currently being fostered with another dog who she loves. She’s labeled herself protector of the house and growls at noises — and even when playing, for that matter — which her foster home is working on. Naomi is learning to tolerate her crate durning the day but still doesn’t go in willingly because let’s face it, the bed is more comfortable.

She is a typical puppy in that she’s a bit of a chewer of both toys and hands but all in all is one fantastic dog who with more training will be exceptional.