Noodle the Poodle
Poodle mix, obviously
14 years, 12 lbs.
Stuffed animal come to life

Our hearts break for Noodle, but all it takes is meeting her to realize she doesn’t want your pity — just your lap. Noodle lived with the same family her whole life, originally coming from a breeder in Germany when her family was stationed there. She lived with other dogs and the same people for her whole life until recently, when her resident dog buddy passed away and the other dog in the home took to picking on Noodle.

With only four teeth but a spunky disposition, Noodle doesn’t let her advanced age or missing molars slow her down. This girl loves humans of all ages, doesn’t mind cats, and tolerates other dogs who are respectful of her space (she’s living with two much bigger male dogs in her foster home) but we think she’d really prefer to be the only pampered pet in retirement.

Potty trained, house trained, and happy in her crate, Noodle is as easy as they come. At her age, she just deserves a quiet, comfortable place to carry out her days. She’s in good health for her age and is amazing us with her resilience.