6ish weeks old, 7 lbs

Male Heeler/Cattle Dog Mix

“Who here feels like they have no idea what they’re doing?”


Born sometime around Valentine’s Day, O’Malley will be available for adoption the last weekend of April. O’Malley just wants to be where the people are and is showing signs of being a very person-centric pup so far. When not sleeping, working on training and basics, or wishing he was cuddled up alongside his person on the couch, O’Malley can be found basking in the rewards he’s given when he’s showing independence and calm behavior while hanging out in the play pen. O’Malley is a persistent and smart little guy who shows all the makings of a pup who can learn exactly what his people want from him with the right reinforcement. Once available for adoption, O’Malley would likely make a great addition for any patient home ready to provide the positive-reinforcement training and continued socialization that young dogs of this age need.