1 year old, 46 lbs

Male Lab Mix

Oh, O’Rourke.


This handsome boy and his beautiful eyes make for quite the head-turner. While O’Rourke takes a moment to get warmed up, once he does he showers his people with cuddles and kisses. He is currently in foster with another dog and cat and does well with both, typically not paying them much attention and preferring to play with his humans. He is very sweet with the 6 y/o kiddo in his foster home, but can be a little pouncey when excited and a bit startled by unexpected noises, so older children may be better suited for his adoptive home. O’Rourke is currently learning housetraining and basics, picking things up quickly. He does awesome in his crate and sleeps soundly through the night. With patience, structure, love, and further positive reinforcement training he has all the makings for an excellent companion or family dog.