Pajama Jeans

4 years old, 65 lbs

Female Pit Mix

Our Comfy Secret.


Pajama Jeans recently joined us from El Paso where she had been in the shelter since December. She shared her kennel with other dogs her entire stay there and did well with all. Since arriving in Portland PJ has been enjoying the quiet and has been taking the opportunity to catch up on naps. Slow to come out of her shell, she has recently started playing with her new toys and enjoying some zoomies around the house. Pajama Jeans is still a bit overwhelmed on walks and has shown some dog selective reactivity, so a family with a yard willing to give her time and work with building confidence on walks would be best. No info on cats other than seeing them while in the front yard and either staring or curiously pulling towards them; no introductions to kids just yet, but we think given her calm personality she would be fine with older children who respect her space.