Pencil Pouch

10 months old, 40 lbs

Male Border Collie Mix

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Pencil Pouch will be available for adoption beginning with the Worth the Wait List prior to general adoption applications. Smart and energetic, this guy will thrive in an active home excited to keep him busy with adventures, puzzles and games, and lots of play. Oh, and snuggles — he LOVES snuggling. He’s living well with another dog in foster and would love the company of a tolerant friend and/or a pup with a similar zest for play. Like many puppies, Pencil Pouch is still working on house and crate training and can vocalize when he wants your attention, but is a quick learner and trying hard to get it right. With a bit of time and training, we think this kid will make a perfect PNW adventure companion for a very lucky family.