Age: 17 weeks

Weight: 14 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: GP x ACD Mix

Dogs: In foster with two other dogs

Kids: Hasn’t lived with kids but has met some and done well! Likely best suited for older/sturdier kids due to puppy playfulness.

Cats: Unknown

In a Nutshell: Miss Peppermint (aka Pepperoni, Pippa, Minty, Dobby) is the perfect puppy of your dreams. She is so smart – already arriving in Portland crate-trained, learning cues on her first try and picking up potty training quickly (she will tell you when she needs to go outside). She goes into her crate independently for breaks, and will sleep throughout the night without a peep. For a puppy, she is pretty mellow and observant, however she does enjoy engaging in a round of zoomies or romping with her dog friends before bed. She has a lot of love to give, and enjoys giving kisses and melting into her person for cuddles. She is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly, and once she blossoms, has a BIG personality. Some of her favorite things are lickmats, blueberries, squeaky toys, soft blankets, cheese and her dog friends (she’s in foster with two). As a puppy under one year of age, Peppermint will be available for adoption beginning with the Worth the Wait List prior to general adoption applications. If you welcome this adorable lady into your home, she will reward you with doting puppy eyes, loyalty, endless entertainment and the best snuggles.