Posh Spice

Age: 1 year

Weight: 53 lbs

Gender: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Rottweiler mix

Dogs: Has lived with dogs in past and done well

Kids: Living with two older kids in foster (10 & 14). May be a bit exuberant for littles.

Cats: Has lived with a cat in past. May be a bit too exuberant for cats who aren’t dog-savvy.

In a Nutshell: Posh Spice is a curious, friendly, affectionate pup who has easily made herself at home in her foster home. She is 99.9% potty trained (has had only one accident inside since arriving with us), sleeps well in her crate, and is pretty good on the leash. She loves to chase after a ball and enjoys a long walk. Loves all people she meets (will jump up to greet, which is something she is working on). Like most young dogs, Posh Spice could use continued training on some basic behaviors like jumping up, counter surfing, and puppy mouthiness. Overall, she’s a happy dog who loves everyone and everything.