Robbie - Endless Summer Hospice Program

Female Terrier mix
3 years, 30 lbs. (but should gain weight)
More cat than dog … so far

Poor Robbie was found as a stray and spent two months at Kauai Humane Society before coming to us. Incredibly skinny with scabs all over her skin, it’s safe to assume Robbie has not been well cared for in her life thus far. But all that stops now. Living in a foster home with another female dog who she takes a lot of cues from, Robbie will do best with another confident, friendly, well-adjusted pup to show her the ropes. Robbie is fearful of humans and the world, having likely never lived in a home before. She doesn’t even know yet that she likes to be petted. Noises, movements, and everyday tasks like going out to potty prove scary.

Sweet, quiet, and smart as a whip, Robbie will do best in an adult-only home with a lot of patience and understanding when it comes to showing a shy dog there’s nothing to be afraid of and slowly building trust and confidence. Learning how to ride in the car, go in a crate, put a leash on for walks, meet new people, and understand basic commands will all be in Robbie’s future. So far she’s making progress, slowly but surely, and we can’t wait to see where she is six months from now!