2 years old, 70lbs
Golden Retriever/Shepherd Mix
Big Ol’ Doughboy

Sneak is a very smart and charming goofball FULL of personality with a big ol’ heart. He loves to play, though he’s learned he absolutely LOVES a good cuddle and to just be around his people, too. He gets along well with other dogs but can be particular- he would do best with a confident and patient resident dog in the house who’s not too pushy, since sometimes Sneak just likes space. He’s currently being fostered in a home with a female resident dog and they quickly became BFFS- but he’s too much for the little ones and doesn’t do well with cats. Most importantly, Sneak needs patient, understanding, and calm humans who will help him navigate what to do when things are new or stressful for him. After a rough start in life, Sneak is still gaining confidence and learning how to properly manage stress and anxiety, for which he’s currently on medication. Sneak has shown an incredible amount of progress, but will need the right environment and dedicated humans to help along the way while he continues to learn.

Sneak is fully house trained, loves his crate, is improving on lead (though working on reactivity- he would do best in a house with a yard while he learns), knows basic commands, does well in the car, LOVES toys, and is all-in-all and incredibly loving and fiercely loyal companion who’s a great to hang out with all day. He’s truly the type who would prefer to be in on the action and have His Person rather than hang around in the background. Sneak can still act a bit like a big puppy at times, so sturdy and dog-savvy kids over 13 in the home is recommended. Ultimately, Sneak needs an adopter who is committed to positively aiding his continued training, is understanding, and employs all the patience that goes along with adding a new family member and best friend — oh, and someone who doesn’t mind having a 70lb lap dog.