6 years old, 34 lbs

Male Cocker Spaniel

A Great Keepsake.


Souvenir (or A Boy named Sou as he’s come to be known ’round here) is shaping up to be a total sweetheart. Always excited to see his person, he greets with welcoming butt wiggles and expressive eyebrows. Content to either chill in your lap or run around chasing toys, he’s the ultimate sidekick ready to match your mood. At 6 years old he has friendly energy but not bounce-off-the-walls puppy energy, making him a great match for many different lifestyle situations. Sou has an appointment set for FHO surgery in the future (which we will be covering) due to a previous accident, but is doing great and got the all-clear from our vet to be able to join a loving home in the meantime.