3 years old, 70 lbs.
Chocolate Lab Mix
Mr. Potato Head

Spud is a loyal and lovable teddy bear of a dog. Friend to dogs and humans alike, Spud is a happy-go-lucky kinda guy who loves to play, nap hard, roll in the grass making noises that can only be described as “moofs,” and then nap some more. He’s mastered some basic commands, is potty trained, and is easily motivated with treats, taking them ever so gently like the sweet boy he is. A gentleman on the leash, Spud will make a great companion for leisurely strolls or outdoor adventures. 

Spud is working hard every day with his foster parents on improving his indoor manners and gaining the confidence to hang in his crate without a guardian around, and his continued success will be dependent on having an adopter who is committed to continued training and positive reinforcement.

Spud’s ideal home is one where he won’t need to be left home alone for more than short intervals until he has time to build up his confidence in the crate. Ideally, Spud’s family is one that does not include cats or small children, as Spud is a beefy boy who sometimes lacks spatial awareness when he’s excited. If you’re looking for a canine companion who is friendly, fun, eager to learn, loves to be part of the family, and thrives on love and affection, then this could be the Spud for you!