Age: 1 year

Weight: 50 lbs

Sex: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Husky Mix

Dogs: In foster with another dog; Tappity pairs best with a playful, confident resident dog but also would love to be your one and only!

Kids: Best suited for older/sturdier kids due to playful enthusiasm

Cats: No

In a Nutshell: Tappity is a total sweetheart who delivers happiness daily – this guy has never met a stranger and enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with his human (and his human’s humans!). Since joining us in PDX we’ve witnessed this Texas transplant blossom and demonstrate his adaptability by quickly adjusting to new habits and routines like walking on leash and spending time in the crate – we can’t wait to see him thrive in the care of a forever home family who can continue to build on the foundation of positive reinforcement training that’s already begun. Prior to his arrival, Tappity tested positive for heartworm – OTAT’s getting his treatment started while he’s in foster so that his recovery can continue in his adoptive home where we know that he will continue to soak up The Good Life and shower his adopters with love (and hugs).