Tofu - Endless Summer Hospice Program


3 years, 20lbs.

Female Shih Tzu

Sweet mama to be


Tofu arrived to us recently from a shelter in El Paso. Little did we know she had little Tofu Nuggets stowed away just waiting to make their appearance. Aside from being an expectant mother, Tofu is very sweet and loves ear scritches, snuggling in a fleece blanket with you while you binge watch Netflix, and has a super laid-back attitude. She also *loves* treats (but maybe that’s just the pregnancy cravings talking) making training a breeze.┬áHer little soy crumbles are due at the end of September so she and the whole family will be in foster care for another 2-3 months, at which point we’ll be looking for their forever homes. In the meantime Tofu is proving sweet as can be, good with other dogs, cats, and kids, quiet in her crate and potty trained (as much as her bladder can hold being pressed on by so many puppies!) She will likely make an easy addition to nearly any home once she’s done raising her babes.