Male hound/pointer mix

5 years old

60 lbs

Wally is a very well-meaning dog. He has clearly been mistreated, but remains a polite, happy pup despite the poor hand that was dealt him.

This blockhead is a silly guy whose goal in life is to have fun, and everyone is invited to his party!

Wally makes all sorts of noises, whimpers, whines, and chomping noises as he plays with his own tongue. He will play with anyone, at any time. Wally was put on earth to wiggle and bring wiggles to others.

Wally loves other dogs, loves attention from people, and is even sweet to cats.

Wally is leash trained and crate trained. He is just learning how to be an indoor dog, so not quite potty trained.

He always means well, but because of his size and lack of training, Wally’s best home will have children aged 6 years and older.

Wally will be one of those dogs who makes all your visitors want one of their own. He is such a special, happy, polite guy!