Husky mix
13 weeks, 15lbs.
A little husky is right

Winter came to us at just 5 weeks old, the product of a backyard breeder who was irresponsibly selling puppies on Craigslist the week prior. Winter’s original buyers were people who simply did not know better; their hearts were in the right place when they purchased him, and upon learning from a coworker the detrimental affects of a puppy that young being away from his mom and littermates, they reached out to us for help.

We took Winter in and placed him in a foster home with other puppies and dogs so we could do our best to curb his socialization setbacks. Once old enough to be neutered and in the proper development period to join a new family, we will be requiring that Winter join an experienced home with a well socialized adult dog who can continue showing him how to properly dog and who can give Winter a proper outlet for his energy and instincts. As behavioral issues such as separation anxiety and resource guarding are already showing up in him (not uncommon in dogs who were taken from their families much too young), Winter’s forever home will also need to be committed to his lifelong continued training and boundary-setting, as well as not mind his already very vocal tendencies.
We’re so glad we could help this sweet, smart, sturdy little guy and that his original buyers were open-minded enough to be shown a better way, and selfless enough to do right by this handsome guy.