Say what you will about Mondays, this one is going on the books as being pretty damn awesome.

Just over a week ago Willa (now Zoey) hitched a ride up to Portland after six weeks in a concerted kennel after who knows how long on the streets. We sent out a plea to our social media network to find her a foster home and within hours these people stepped forward, interested in possibly adopting so long as it worked with their cats.

After only a couple days we received this email:


…we wouldn’t dream of it. Going over to their home tonight to finalize, we saw exactly what they were talking about. Zoey, fast asleep on the couch, was a mellow, comfortable dog who had clearly found her perfect forever home. She was staying put.

Congratulations to this new family who is celebrating the adoption with champagne because “she’s already changed our lives.” We couldn’t be happier for you, Zo. Good girl.