Foster to Adopt

Our Foster to Adopt (FTA) program allows approved adopters to join our foster group that takes incoming One Tail at a Time – PDX (OTAT PDX) dogs into their home as a foster they hope to adopt.

Signing up for the program

In order to join the Foster to Adopt program you must have an approved adoption and foster application on file.

For approved adopters

If you are an approved adopter, please fill out the Foster Application by logging into your record and filling out this form.

After completing this form, you will be sent an email prompting you to fill out our foster paperwork and take our short foster quiz. Once those steps are complete you will be contacted by our Foster Coordinator to give you access to our private foster group.

For approved fosters

If you are an approved foster home, please fill out the Adoption Application by logging into your record and filling out this form.

How it works


The rescue director will make posts in the group about dogs we would like to take into our rescue program. Comment on the thread as directed to indicate which dog you would like to foster to adopt. Please mention in your comment that you are in the foster to adopt program, as this will give you priority over fosters who are not looking to adopt. After reviewing your application and determining if you are a good fit for that dog, the rescue director will confirm the placement.

Foster process

You will still need to complete all the typical foster steps if you are in the FTA program:

  • Communicating with your Adoption Counselor.
  • Bringing the dog to their wellness exam at our vet and completing all required medical procedures if they have not been done yet (microchipping, vaccinations, spay/neuter).
  • Providing a short bio and pictures within two days of arrival so we can list the dog on our website.

Adoption confirmation

Your Adoption Counselor will not set-up any introductions for your foster dog until you have determined if you will adopt. You need to make this decision by day six of the dog being in your care.

You can let your Adoption Counselor know as soon as you have made your decision. If you decide not to adopt or do not notify OTAT PDX of you intention to adopt by day six, your Adoption Counselor will proceed with setting up introductions with other potential adopters. You will still be responsible for fostering the dog until they have found their forever home.

Should you decide to adopt, you will fill out paperwork and pay the adoption fee on day seven, and then the adoption will be complete. For more information on the adoption process, including fees, please view our adoption policies here.

Since we will learn more about the dog when they are in foster, the Rescue Director reserves the option to determine that it would be best to place the dog in a different foster or adoptive home.