We know that rescuing a dog can be a daunting prospect for some people. DogMatch takes more of the guesswork out of adopting and provides wraparound services to get your rescue journey off to a great start.

DogMatch Program Steps

Step One: Apply to Adopt

Apply via otatpdx.org/adopt. You will receive an email from a volunteer Adoption Counselor with your approval status. In some cases, the Adoption Counselor will ask follow-up questions for clarification before approving.

Step Two: Apply to Join the DogMatch Program

Only once you are approved to adopt should you apply to join the DogMatch program by filling out the form below. Our Rescue Director will review your application.

Step Three: Program Acceptance

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be emailed with your status. If you are a good fit and we have an open spot, you will be accepted into the program (move on to step four). If you are a good fit but we don’t have an open spot, we will add you to the program waitlist and notify you when a spot becomes available. If you are not a good fit you will be notified that we cannot accept you into the program.

Step Four: Client Agreement & Program Fee

You will receive our DogMatch Client Agreement via email to be signed electronically. This agreement must be signed within 48 hours of arrival. You will also be emailed a link to pay the program fee online.

Step Five: Placement

The Rescue Director may contact you with further questions about your rescue placement. Once a match has been made, you will be notified of the arrival date and time of your dog match.

Step Six: The Welcome Week

The first seven days of a DogMatch placement are considered the Welcome Week. During this week you receive your veterinary appointment and trainer consultation.

Step Seven: Adoption Finalization

On day seven of the DogMatch placement you will be sent the adoption paperwork to finalize the adoption. This paperwork must be signed within 48 hours of arrival. You will also be emailed a link to pay the adoption fee online at this time.

DogMatch Program Details

What comes with the DogMatch program?

The DogMatch program fee covers rescue matching (up to two matches), a veterinary visit, virtual consultation with a dog trainer, leash and collar.

What age dogs are available through the DogMatch program?

Dogs believed to be over one year old. If you are interested in adopting a dog younger than one year old, check out our Worth the Wait List.

What happens if my matched dog isn’t a good fit?

Should your dog placement not work out within the first week, the dog will go into our general foster care and adoption program. DogMatch clients get a maximum of two matches per program fee.

Should I sign up if I want to be matched with a dog in the future but not yet?

Please only sign-up if you’re ready to adopt a dog at this time. If you sign-up and are contacted about adopting a dog, but not able to due to timing, you will forfeit your program fee and be removed from the program.


All OTAT PDX dogs are adopted only after their spay/neuter surgery is complete or the appointment with our vet partner has been scheduled. The date of the surgery is non-negotiable. 

DogMatch Program Fee

The DogMatch program fee is $500.00. This fee is shared with our vet partners, training partners, and rescue partners who help us find your DogMatch.

Are there any other fees besides the DogMatch Fee?

Yes. You are responsible for the full adoption fee and any relevant deposits in addition to the DogMatch program fee.

Adoption fees of DogMatch clients are the same as our regular adoption fees (depending on the age of the dog) and are in addition to the separate $500 DogMatch fee. For example, adopting a young adult dog through DogMatch would be a total of $900 ($500 for the DogMatch fee, $400 for the adoption fee). Then any applicable refundable deposits.

Is the DogMatch fee refundable if my placements don’t work out or I decide not to move forward with adoption?



DogMatch Program Application